Tribute 3 in 1 40# Block

Tribute 3 in 1 40# Block

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A self-fed source of salt, vitamins and trace minerals for beef cattle and horses on pasture

Product Code: Y5001BLK

Size: 40 lb

Product Form: Block

Features and Benefits

Versatile block that can be used for horses and cattle
Formulated with organic trace minerals

Feeding Instructions

Provide one block for every 5-15 head of animals. If more than one block is required, place at least 10 feet apart to allow ample spacing for consumption. Consumption should be approximately 5 oz per head daily. If consumption is too high, move block(s) farther away from water source and high traffic areas. If consumption is too low, do the opposite. When first introducing the block, consumption levels can vary considerably. Do not feed to starving animals. Consider offering some free choice salt beside the block if initial consumption is too high. This can slow down consumption long enough for the animals to balance out intake.


Use as directed. Selenium intake should not exceed 3 mg per head daily. Contains added copper. Do not feed to sheep.

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