Grass Assist Vitamin  9206GRAS

Grass Assist Vitamin 9206GRAS

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Grass Assist Vitamin in a Bag 9206GRAS    Appropriate for ages: 6 months and older Feeding Directions: Feed Grass Assist™ Mineral free-choice or use as a topdress. Expected free-choice consumption or topdress recommendations are 3-4 ounces for maintenance and 5-6 ounces for horses in training. For a complete free-choice or topdress vitamin/mineral program, offer Tribute Min-Plex™ Salt alongside Grass Assist™. Expected free-choice consumption or topdress recommendations for Tribute Min-Plex Salt are 1-2 ounces for maintenance and 2-3 ounces for horses in training. When a vitamin/mineral mix is offered free-choice, many factors will influence the amount of the mix a horse will consume. The most important of these factors are the: quality and nutrient composition of the hay or pasture the horse is eating, quality and nutrient composition concentrate (grain mix) the horse is being fed, horse activity level, and weather conditions. Should free-choice consumption exceed expected levels, please contact your Tribute representative for a complete analysis of your feeding program.

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