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Cactus Saddlery Roper Felt Pad 1"

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Cactus 100% Wool Felt Saddle Pads - This pad is constructed from a solid piece of felt. Premier quality high-density wool felt for cushion and durability. This pad breathes and wicks moisture and heat way from the horse's back. Contoured top line of pad helps it conform quickly to the horse's back to absorb shock and pressure from the saddle and work. NRS recommends that each horse have their own felt pad since they conform specifically to each horse's back. Top saddle makers recommend wool pads to help with proper saddle fir. We believe that this pad with a mohair blanket under it is an ideal way to pad and protect our horse. With many styles and materials available for saddle pads and blankets, the wool blanket is far and away still the favorite for many horse owners and trainers. As with anything that is built to withstand extended use, a good wool blanket is seldom inexpensive, and should be considered an investment. With proper care (requiring only a little attention), a wool blanket will last for many years, even if used for many hours every day. A 31″x30 felt roper pad, is made of dense wool felt and contoured in shape to protect your horse. A reinforced cutout over the withers and high quality leathers make this a very durable pad. Dense wool felt Contoured shape Reinforced cutout over the withers High quality wear leathers Comes in Dark Grey or Black, Dark Grey is pictured

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